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Pen Sleeves

Pen Sleeves


Our pen sleeves are designed to provide you with a lightweight, durable way to carry your favorite writing instrument. Our elastic strap keeps your pen securely affixed to your notebook so you can always have it at hand, ensuring that every brilliant idea, important note, or creative sketch is captured effortlessly. Thus, making them the ideal companion for your notebooks and journals.



  • Hand-cut and hand-stitched by our women leather artisan
  • Made from locally-sourced cow hide leather
  • Available colors are black, dark brown, tan and light khaki
  • Fits 1 pen
  • Dimensions: 6.25 x 1.5 inches



  • Can be hand-painted with name, initials and/or other designs such as pet portraits.
  • Also available for debossed monogramming
  • Due to the limited space, the max number of characters for debossed monogram is 3 characters.
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