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  • Since our pieces are individually hand-crafted, please understand that there may be waiting times involved in creating your order/s. 

  • You may expect slight color variations from what is seen in the photos and the actual items. This is due to the lightings during photoshoots.

  • In case you see some slight markings and scratches, please do not consider this as a fault in the item. It's part of the cowhide's characteristic which gives a unique and authentic appearance.

  • ​Please be reminded that we will only start processing your order upon receipt of full payment. However, for bulk orders, we only require 50% initial deposit for the production to commence.  


Despite of the long-lasting characteristic of a real leather, leather pieces still need proper care and maintenance.

  • If the item gets wet, do not use hair dryers or any source of heat to speed dry it. Room temperature with gentle air works better than direct heat. 

  • When not in use, store in a cool dry place with dry air ventilation. This will make your leather item look best as it ages. 

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