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Likaw Collection

We believe baskets are more than just containers—they're art, and they deserve a home in your wardrobe.

We created this first collection last 2018 to take baskets to a different perspective by incorporating them to our main canvas, the genuine leather. With the skills of our weavers in Bicol, we came up with abaca and bancuan baskets as the base for these bags because they illustrate what a modern Filipina is in today's society. Someone who exhibits softness in character but is not afraid to stand on her beliefs. She can hold up herself in any situation just like the basket which holds the piece together. To take it up a notch we collaborated with the talented handloom weavers from Abra so that we can use Kantarines and Binakol fabric as a lining for the bag.

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Handog Collection

Eco-Friendly Design

We want to give you a gift. It's the kind of gift that comes with a big bow and a smile on your face, but it's not just any old box of chocolates. It's something more special than that—and we think you deserve it.

Handog is Filipino for "gift" or "offering," and that's exactly what this collection is—a present to you from us, because we know how much you mean to us. We couldn't do it without you. And now we want to show our appreciation by giving you something beautiful and thoughtful.

When you shop with us, you're not just getting something for yourself—you're also giving a gift of support to our partner communities.

Malaya Collection

First-Rate Materials

Our MALAYA Collection was designed during the pandemic with the hopes that one day --- We will be able to spend quality time with our families and friends without physically distancing ourselves. We will be able to go back to the places which brings us comfort without much restrictions. We will be able to travel to places we’ve never been to create new experiences. We will be able to go to school and work in the office with the faces our classmates and colleagues greeting us. These are just some of the things that we have been enjoying prior to the pandemic. We were FREE to go anywhere.

With our hands- free bag micro bags, we would like to remind everyone the beauty of freedom as well as to make people feel good/ pleasant about themselves by carrying a bag which is stylish yet functional. Introducing…

Maya – represents a small and resilient bird that flies freely around us

Laya –liberty in the Tagalog dialect

Aya – means a state of being pleasant in the Tagalog dialect


We define the term "sustainability" by looking at the UN Sustainable Goals. We believe that real leather is more durable and stronger as it ages, ensuring longevity in your purchase. We also believe in a slow-batch production process, which helps us veer away from the fast fashion economy.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond using locally sourced leather; we also use vegetable tanned leather, which uses natural vegetable tannins from tree barks in the tanning process making it the most environmentally friendly type of leather.

Additionally, we try to eliminate waste by designing pieces using leather and fabric cut-offs from our own production as well as discarded leather from other manufacturing companies. Our aim is for people to appreciate materials that were once treated as waste by supporting our upcycled designs. By purchasing products from us, you are making an important statement about sustainability and its importance in society today



We believe in the power of inclusion. That's why we offer a collection that promotes the concept of genderless fashion.

Our bags are minimalist in design but full of expression. We know that there are many different ways to express yourself, and this collection is designed to give you the opportunity to let your personality shine through. Each bag can be customized with hand-painted designs; customers may choose which photo or artwork they would like on their bag, where they want it placed, and what colors will be used for each element of the design.


The Flora collection is inspired by Philippine biodiversity and the beauty of our natural resources. We hope that when you carry these bags, you will be reminded of the importance of conservation and inspired to help preserve our country's rich flora.

Unfortunately, Philippine biodiversity is under threat. We want to spark a conversation about how we can protect these resources so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do today. We hope that when you carry one of our bags, you will be reminded of how important it is to protect our natural resources and understand their value—and that you will use your passion for fashion as a platform for conversations about conservation.

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