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Likaw Collection

We created this collection to take baskets to a different perspective by incorporating them to our main canvas, the genuine leather. By creating such bags, we intend to bring back the appreciation of baskets not just as container but also as something which can be stylish and be brought anytime and anywhere. We would also like people to see its versatility.

With the skills of our weavers in Bicol, we came up with abaca and bancuan baskets as the base as we believe that it greatly illustrates what a Modern Filipina is in this day and age. Someone who exhibits softness in character but is not afraid to stand on what she believes in. She can hold up oneself in any situation just like the basket which holds the piece together. 

Summer 7.jpg

Handog Collection

Who wouldn’t be elated in receiving a box with a ribbon on top? That’s what our HANDOG Collection is all about. With a big bow which is recognizable even from afar, this collection was designed to make it more like a gift we give and receive. May it be a present to yourself, friends or loved ones, we want the person carrying it to be happy and lighthearted. You don’t even need to spend your time and your money to wrap it to make it more special.

Handog in Filipino means a gift or an offering. As a way of saying thank you for the loving support that we’ve been receiving, this is our Handog to our current and future supporters.

Malaya Collection


The MALAYA Collection was designed with the hopes that one day --- We will be able to spend quality time with our families and friends without physically distancing ourselves. We will be able to go back to the places which brings us comfort without much restrictions. We will be able to travel to places we’ve never been to create new experiences. We will be able to go to school and work in the office with the faces our classmates and colleagues greeting us. These are just some of the things that we have been enjoying prior to the pandemic. We were FREE to go anywhere.

With our hands- free bag micro bags, we would like to remind everyone the beauty of freedom as well as to make people feel good/ pleasant about themselves by carrying a bag which is stylish yet functional. Introducing…

Maya – represents a small and resilient bird that flies freely around us

Laya –liberty in the Tagalog dialect

Aya – means a state of being pleasant in the Tagalog dialect

Yes, we all dream of our hands free from the fear of this  pandemic. Thus, let us embrace our  responsibility as a citizen to do what is right and who knows... one day we’ll wake up in a world where we will be able to freely roam with Maya, Laya and Aya by our side. What’s make it more special is that it is not just our alcohol  and face masks inside them but our passport and our other travel essentials. And by that time, our Malaya Collection will serve as a reminder of the challenges that we have surpassed together. We can shout at the top of our lungs that we are MALAYA.

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