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About US

At the Leather Studio Manila, we believe that each cowhide is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a leather masterpiece, and we want to provide you with an opportunity to experience Filipino ingenuity.

We design and create classic and minimalist leather pieces with sustainability and personalized luxury in mind.  As a social enterprise, we trained the art of leathercrafting to women who have limited opportunities to give them a chance to better their lives and empower them as an individual. We also collaborate with individual artists and artisanal communities around the Philippines to provide them the opportunity to give their creativity a voice through their paintings, baskets and handloom textiles that display Filipino ingenuity. This way, we can manifest our rich culture here and abroad, while simultaneously empowering local artisans by giving them an avenue for creativity as well as a chance to earn a living.

We believe that artisanship is not just about making beautiful things, but also empowering communities and giving them the opportunity to gain access to sustainable livelihoods. 

We take pride in individually hand-cutting, hand-stitching and even hand-painting some of our collections. By this, we are able to make a connection between our artisans and our clients—and with your support, allow us to stitch our way into your hearts.



To promote Filipino craftsmanship by providing opportunities to the members of the marginalized sector which includes women,  and senior citizens, different artisanal communities and individual artists to showcase their skills and talents so they can create leather items worthy of respect and esteem here and abroad.



We, at the Leather Studio Manila gives importance to  ---



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