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About Us

We are a brand that encourages self-expression through art with 100% genuine cowhide leather as our canvas. We view each cowhide as a blank sheet waiting to be transformed into leather pieces that display Filipino ingenuity. This is made possible by collaborating with individual artists and artisanal communities around the Philippines. We intend to provide them the opportunity to give them an avenue for creativity but at the same time give them a chance to earn a living. In this way, we will be able to manifest our rich culture here and abroad. 

We take pride in individually hand-cutting, hand-stitching and even hand-painting some of our collections. By this, we are able to make a connection between our artisans and our clients. With your support, allow us to stitch our way to your hearts. 


To be able to promote Filipino craftsmanship by providing opportunities to different communities and individual artists to showcase their skills and talents so that they can create leather items worthy of respect and esteem here and abroad. We would like to highlight what is it being a Filipino not solely based on the end product that we offer but also on the stories behind each of the pieces... their struggles to keep their artistry and the values instilled in their hearts which keeps them to do what they are doing. 


We, at the Leather Studio Manila


... treat each other as partners who believe in the importance of continuous growth and development to be able to achieve success not only at work but also in our personal lives. We encourage each other to be better version of ourselves and with our creations, inspire and influence our clients and other people


... work together with a purpose in our hearts 


... respect each others differences and that for us creates diversity. We would also want our clients to embrace who they are and follow their own style.

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