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Pet Portraits

Kindly complete the Quote for Pet Potraits Form found in the Contact Us section if you ---

  1.  are interested in our Hand-painted Pet Portrait services but would like to have more than 1 pet placed in just one item.

  2.  would like to have their pet/s handpainted in our leather pieces which are not part of our current offerings under the Hand-painted Section.

  3. would like to have your pet/s hand-painted on our bags. 

  • Most, but not all, of our items are available for our hand-painted pet portrait services. However, there are still a few items which we can't place your pet portrait on due to their limited space. 

  • The price of our hand-painted pet portraits on our bags varies depending on the size of the portrait so we highly advise you to send us a request for a quotation. 

  • Please be reminded that we need 2 weeks to complete an order. However, we understand that there are times when you may need it earlier than that timeframe. With that, kindly inform us first when is you will be needing so that we can check first if we can make it to your deadline.  

You can also send us an email or a message on our Instagram or Facebook Account to request a quotation. You just need to send us the following details.





Size of the Portrait:

Placement on the Item: F

with Hand-painted Monogram? If yes, kindly provide the below

Character 1:

Text Color:

Shadow Color:

Character 2:

Text Color:

Shadow Color:

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