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Our Team

Our leather artisans are composed of a group of WOMEN who were specifically trained for this slowly fading craft. They are the ones responsible for putting up together all the parts needed to complete a specific collection considering that some parts of our bag comes from our partners. they painstakingly hand-stitch our items at their own homes allowing them to earn and at the same time have time for their own families. 


We also work with different communities from different parts of the country that specializes in crafts such as baskets and mats  made from natural fiber materials that abound in our country. We then incorporate those materials to our collections making our offerings more "Filipino." We also have our talented artists who hand-paint our leather pieces making our items personalized.

We chose to team up with Women, PWDs, Indigenous Groups and Senior Citizens for the reason that we would like to give them an opportunity to feel valuable which is in line with our VALUES. 

Handpaint Mono.jpeg
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